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Elliptical Machine

How  my program works

You will be required to log the results from your workouts into the train-heroic app, so that I may analyze your training week and then provide you with the your target goals for the following week. I will hold you personally accountable that you stay current on your log ins. Remember, Lock in to your goals! That will be the key to your success!

One Time Meal Plan

Along with your training program will come with a one time meal plan that will be designed around you goals.

Weekly Email Check Ins

At the end of every training week I will touch base, and answer any
questions regarding your training.

Monthly Video Check Ins

Personalized video for my clients in which I will analyze the your
completed 4 week block and explain the goals for the next one going forward.

Access to Your Programs Through the Train Heroic App

With this app I will upload and update
all of your training plans. You will have access to update the with accurate reps

and workload performed.

Nutrition Consultation

Along with your meal plan, I will explain macros, and how we will use
flexible dieting to reach health goals

Ready to Start?

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