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Personal Development blog #1: Goal Setting

Good day everyone. My name is Benjamin and I have been a trainer for over 16 years. I've learned a lot during my time training, competing and just trying to get through this thing that we call life. That being said, the one of the most important things that I have learned is that if you don't focus on self improvement the only other option is to decline. I wouldn't want that for myself and if I could help anyone that has the desire to become better than they were yesterday, then I would believe that I have done something good.

Besides working out I love to read personal development books. I would like to give a shot at blogging and giving an example of how I intend to apply this knowledge regarding my everyday life, and I hope that my readers can find something useful within this text. First I'm going to go over goal setting basics and then I'm going to list out my goals with the intention of doing quarterly updates on how the goals have been going.

I have read many ways to set goals and there is a lot of overlap, as with most personal development literature; but I think the Zig Ziglar 7 step meathod is pretty staight forward and to the point. Therefor we will be using that.

#1: Identify the goal: Obviously we need to what exactly is it that we would like to achieve. The key here is to be specific with what it is exactly that you want. Write it out in order to get clarity

#2: List the Benefits in achieving it: This going be your why. Why is it that you want this? Go deep and make it personal.

#3: List the obstacles that you must overcome: Let me tell you this, when you get right down to it, you are your biggest obstacle. I know it sound cliche but it is the truth. Obviously if the goal is to be a Power forward in the NBA at 5'5, that would be a different story. Going back to #1 we have to identify how achievable the goal is.

#4: List the skills and knowledge required: This is when the rubber meets the road. You have to commit to obtaining the skills necessary to achieve your goal yourself or team up/hire someone that already has them. Which leads me to #5

#5: List the people or groups to work with: We do know everything and we can't do everything. Create a list of people or groups that are essential to you achieving your goal.

#6: Create an action plan: We are going to take all of the information that we learned in steps 1-5 and we are going to construct a simple comprehensive plan on how to get it done. We are going to run it consistently for a month and then we are going to evaluate.

#7: Set a deadline: A deadline makes the goal more real. I suggest shaving micro goal deadlines and macro goal deadlines. Lets say micro is a month and macro is a quarter/3 months. Remember goal without a deadline is just a dream.

Well that's it guys. Pay attention to the second part of this when I give you the breakdown for my personal goals.


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