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Personal Development blog #2: MY PERSONAL GOAL SETTING BREAKDOWN.

What’s going on everyone? As a follow up to the last blog on goals, I want to give my readers a transparent example of how I am going to apply the 7 step process to Dial in on my own goals for the year. I have four written goals for the year, but for the purpose of this blog I’m only going to focus on one. That being to give my readers quality simple/straight to the point information regarding fitness, nutrition and overall personal development advice that can be easily implemented in order to become a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.

#1 Identify the goal: To provide the aforementioned information consistently growing audience that is reached by way of my website and YouTube channel.

#2 List the benefits: If I am able to consistently provide quality fitness and personal development information through use of the web, I'll be able to help improve a greater amount of people improve the lives of my fellow man.

#3 The obstacles to overcome: I think the obstacles are actually pretty simple, I have to be consistent once I get started. The more you do something the more efficient you become at it, at least that is what I believe. I must post consistently and I must write and record weekly in order to improve my skills.

#4 List of Skills and Knowledge required: I'm not big on web design and recording. I have friends that are good with web design and camera work, but I need to learn it as well. I also need to become proficient at editing and creating thumbnails. I’ll employ my friends who are knowledgable while also taking courses so that I can obtain the knowledge as well.

#5 Groups and people to work with: After I get the ball rolling regarding my consistency regarding the blogs and videos, I need to start working with other fitness professionals in order to get other points of views in regards to training; and to increase my network.

#6 Create an action plan: The key is consistency. I must stay up to date on current fitness and nutrition news & material so that I can bring it to my audience; and share my point of view Also first thing I must do on my days off from the 9-5 is to create articles and edit 1 video.

#7 Set the deadline for achievement. I will do an evaluation every three months regarding the quarterly goals. The goal for the website is to bring the views from 0-10 viewers per day lol, and to get 100 subs on YouTube.

Well friends that's the plan. I'll make sure to keep you guys updated. I encourage you to please ask any questions or let me know your comments. Until next time, take care.


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